Mesoamerica Institute

We teach the Spanish language and provide services such as translation and cultural education. We offer a varitey of programs,customized programs and flexible schedules to meet the needs of our students and clients.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

About Us

Mesoamerica Institute is located on 2121 West Street, Berkeley California inside Strawberry Creek Park. Mesoamerica Institute was founded by Arturo Sosa in 1988. Arturo has been teaching for over twenty years and has stablished several language institutes in Mexico. He has taught extensively in schools in the United States such as The University of La Verne in Los Angeles, San Mateo County Department of Education, and Park Day School in Oakland, among others. Clients include Levi Strauss, The Environmental Protection Agency, Kaiser Permanente, and Lonely Planet. All instructors and translators are trained by Arturo Sosa and provided with lesson materials created or compiled by the director himself.

Middle and High School Spanish

We currently have an ongoing class that takes place every wednesday from 2.30 to 4pm. The students enrolled are in 7th grade. The students have some Spanish knowledge. This class is open to join and we offer a free placement test for evaluation on level of Spanish. We also have other classes for middle and high school students available. The following is a schedule.
Spanish 1 and 2 - Monday, 4 to 5.30 pm
Spanish 3 and 4 - Tuesday, 4 to 5.30 pm
Spanish 5 and 6 - Thursday, 4 to 5.30 pm

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Core Program

We have two versions of the Core Program

Once a week- Classes meet two hours or three hours per week.
Twice a week-Classes meet two times a week for 1 1/2 hours each class.

The Core Program is designed to allow students to learn at a comfortable pace while at the same time challenging them to advance behond their current proficiency level. The program is oriented towards building conversational Spanish. The program is structured around ongoing 8-week sessions with classes conducted entirely in Spanish. Class size is a maximum of 6 students with an average of three.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Intensive Program

This program is offered all year round to all levels. It is perfect for those who need to learn Spanish fast for travel or work purposes. We have an intensive course beginning on October 27th through November 11th and will take place each Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday for the duration of 4 weeks.

Spanish Language and Latino Culture for Nurses and Health Care

This course offers nurses and health care workers necessary knowledge, attitudes, and skills to be more linguistically and culturally sensitive and appropiate to Latino patients and their health care needs. One course consists of 10 contact hours total. Classes meet twice a week for two consecutive weeks. There are three levels, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Levels are defined by a free placement test. Full deposit refund for non-attendance provided within 1 month notice.

For information on costs and schedules please contact us

Immersion Program

Spanish and Culture

Our Total Immersion Program develops and upgrades your Spanish in the fastest and most effective way. Intensive classes combine with a total environment immersion in the language and culture by actually living with a local family in Mexico. The student will learn the structural foundations while consistently listening to and speaking Spanish.

Our Total Immersion Program is offered in Cuernavaca and Zihuatanejo, Mexico.


A city in central Mexico, one hour south of Mexico City. Cuernavaca is a cultural and tourist center of national and international stature. This city offers a very cosmopolitan view of Latin American culture. Cuernavaca has a forty year history in the teaching of the Spanish Language and remains as the best place for language schools.

Generally, this program lasts 2 weeks and is offered every year in the months of April, September, and December.


A beach paradise, in which you will experience a cultural journey while learning and practicing the Spanish Language.

Travel groups are six to a maximum of ten students.

For information on registration and fees please contact us

Translation Services

Instituto Mesoamerica offers professional translation services in Spanish to English and vice versa. We translate all types of documents such as legal, medical, literary, commercial,
bussiness, educational, web, ect.

All of our translators are native Spanish speakers and proficient in English. Our agency has been teaching and translating for over 15 years. Our clients include individuals, businesses, government agencies, international agencies, schools, magazines, journals, writers, ect. Kaiser Permanente, The Environmental Protection Agency, The California Health Department, The Childrens Hospital, Lonely Planet, and Berkeley High School are some of our clients.

Translation Fees

$.15 per word in most documents or an average of $100.00 per hour for special documents, graphic design texts, web translation an other time consuming formats.

We accept documents for translations on paper, hard-disk, e-mail, ect.

Registration and Fees

Program Fees

All Materials Included

Core Program
(based on 8 weeks) Once a week- $325.00 ($20.00/hr.)
Twice a week- $480.00 ($20.00/hr.)

Two-week Intensive Program
$450.00 ($13.33/hr.)

Month Long Intensive Program
$500.00 ($12.00/hr.)

Translation Services
$.15 per word or an average of $100.00/hr. for special documents

For information on any of our other programs please contact us